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Brooklyn Lock & Security offers a full range of locksmith and security services at an affordable price. We service all Brooklyn neighborhoods ranging from Bay Ridge to Williamsburg. We offer: Brooklyn residential locksmith services, Brooklyn commercial locksmith services, Brooklyn security system services, Brooklyn house lockout services, and as always we offer 24/7 Emergency Service. Read more about our services below.

Brooklyn Residential Locksmith

Brooklyn residential locksmith services include a wide range of services. These services enable people to solve a variety of security and lockout needs. With the advent of smart locks, many companies are training their employees to install smart locks on houses. As security becomes more advanced, it will be important to have professionals who are able to service technology as it continues to evolve.

  • House Lockouts
  • Broken Keys in Locks
  • Duplicating Keys
  • Smart Locks and Keys
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24-7 Brooklyn Locksmith

24-7 Brooklyn Locksmith services are provided by Brooklyn Lock & Security to assist you with your locksmith needs at any time – day or night. There is nothing worse than getting locked out after a long night out. Brooklyn Lock & Security is there to help with late night house lockouts in any Brooklyn neighborhood. From Bay Ridge to Williamsburg, Brooklyn Lock & Security will provide 24-7 Brooklyn Locksmith services in any neighborhood.

  • 24/7 Service
  • Professional Locksmiths
  • Serving All Brooklyn Neighborhoods
  • Contact Us at anytime!
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Brooklyn Commercial Locksmith

Brooklyn commercial locksmith services are essential to a successful business environment. Having locks, keypads, and security systems function correctly is essential to corporate security and a productive working environment. Trained professionals can assess the locks and diagnose the services needed. Most of their door opening tricks, like picking the lock or using a bump key, will not harm the lock and leave it functioning well. In tougher cases, the lock might be drilled out of the door and then is replaced. Replacing the lock is easy and is a simple job the locksmith can provide.

  • Commercial Locks
  • Keypads & Keycards
  • Security Systems
  • Lock Replacement
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