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The most common problem we have when it comes to the issues of locks is a house lockout. Brooklyn Lock & Security provides 24/7 Brooklyn House Lockout Service. A house lockout is basically getting locked out of your own home. This service you would be surprised is one of the most requested services in our company. Even in the lockout section people mostly lock themselves out of their homes as compared to their offices or other non-residential areas. There is no need to try and fit through the dog door or to break a window just to access your home. Not only would this require extra money to fix but it also reduces the security of your home for the night or day. There are proper ways in which you can fix such a problem.

Keeping a set of spare keys somewhere hidden on the outside of the house is a common practice in most places. Recent break-ins have shown that even the burglars know of it and check in all areas before getting in. Most people have resulted in not leaving their keys out. Even in safe neighborhoods you will still find yourself in a break in situation by leaving your key out. So what happens when you lock yourself out of your home? You call us, the specialists in Brooklyn House Lockout Service. At Brooklyn Lock & Security we have all the technical capabilities required to provide you with the right means to open up your home. Most of the people who get locked out of their homes do so accidentally.

Let us take a look at this scenario:

You have just woken up in the morning and cleaned the home getting everyone ready for school or work. After everyone has left you walk out to get the mail if you have a mailbox. The wind gusts and shuts your front door. You are now locked out of your home. The frustration is common in most of these lockout cases. Do not give up just yet. Call us to come and help you out of the fix you are in. Not only will a professional locksmith save you the trouble of breaking a window or crawling through some partially opened window, we will ensure your lock stays in its place.

In most cases a simple pick of the lock by an expert will give you access back to your home. You do not have to damage your lock if it is not a complicated one. Some locks cannot just be picked and opened. It would require a drill to open up some locks. In these extreme cases the lock has to be drilled and sometimes replaced. If the job is done properly it will still not require replacement.

Take your time when opening your door and keep your keys on you at all times unless you are not leaving the house again. Lockouts can happen to anyone. Remember to call us to void extra costs by attempting to open up the door.